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The Caregiving
Worldwide Network

Introducing the Caregiving Worldwide Network (CWN), where compassion knows no borders, and care transcends boundaries.

Our TV Shows

Empowering viewers through engaging shows that inspire curiosity, offer valuable knowledge, and foster personal growth, informed choices, and a thriving community.

Caregiving Worldwide Website Images - HealthTech Discovery
Caregiving Worldwide Website Images - HealthTech Discovery Logo

HeathTech Discovery

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Personal Stories for Caregivers

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Caregiving Worldwide Website Images - HealthVision Logo


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Safe and Sound

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Katie Cooks

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Healthcare for Heroes

Stream Caregiving Worldwide on RHSTV

Stream Safe and Sound on RHSTV

Caregiving Worldwide was recently featured on Good Morning Washington. Watch the video to learn more.

Our Mission is Clear

To Empower,
Educate & Elevate

Together, we share resources, knowledge, and love, forging  global alliances with healthcare professionals and organizations in the name of caregiving excellence. Leading with kindness and boundless love is our guiding light.

Join us in this extraordinary journey, where the power of humanity’s greatest virtue is celebrated. Together, we’ll empower caregivers, inspire innovations, and uplift spirits.

Caregiver-Centered Care Education

In partnership with Caregiver-Centered Care initiative, a program of Applied Research & Innovation at the University of Alberta, Department of Family Medicine, Caregiving Worldwide Network (CWN) is proud to offer Caregiver-Centered Care Education, free online education.

A UNIQUE, Groundbreaking platform

Revolutionizing Caregiving

In a world filled with screens, this is the one that matters, the one that changes lives, the one that touches hearts. Our network is unlike any other; it’s a groundbreaking, never-seen-before platform dedicated exclusively to the heroes of caregiving, the unsung champions of humanity.


We don’t just connect,
we unite.


We don’t merely talk,
we listen.


We don’t merely show,
we inspire.

Discover More, Because
Caring Knows No Borders

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